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White Plains Ambulatory Surgery Center

Day of Surgery

  • Please arrive one hour prior to your scheduled surgery time. Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete admission forms and sign consents.  By arriving one hours prior to surgery, you will have plenty of time to read through all the admissions forms.

  • Prior to your surgery, you will meet with the Surgeon, Anesthesiologist and nurse, and will have the opportunity to ask any remaining questions.

  • After surgery, you will be taken to the recovery room, where a designated nurse will monitor your progress until you are comfortable to leave.  During this time, all discharge instructions will be discussed.

  • Leave all valuables at home, including jewelry, contact lenses, etc.  Your belongings will be placed in a secure locker. 

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing that is easily removed for your convenience.

  • Transportation the day of surgery is necessary; you may not drive yourself home. It is imperative that you have an adult 18 years or older to escort you home after your procedure. For your safety, we will not discharge you from the surgery center unaccompanied.

  • Please arrange for a responsible adult to remain with you during the first night post operative.